BRIAN JOHNSTON, GPC President, Team Mentor:
Brian Johnston, owner of Ki Fitness Personal Training, is a sport-conditioning specialist that has been training people from all walks of life since 1998.
In 2004 it was apparent that if Canadian lifters wished to excel internationally, then a club needed to be formed, bringing strength minded athletes together in the pursuit of personal and team orientated excellence. Brian, Mario, and Corey got together and Independent Powerlifting was born boasting the largest team membership and training facility in Canada.
Brian is president of Global Powerlifting Committee-Canada, which is the governing body for the majority of Independent's lifters.
As well as meet promoter for National and International competitions, Brian is also a certified world level competition judge.
With his first powerlifting competition in 1986,he still maintains his elite status to date through National and International wins.
As a multiple World record holder, Brian was nominated to the top 20 ALL Time Best Ever 198lb Squatters.

MARIO PIATTELLI, GPC co-founder, Team Mentor:
Mario has been involved in Powerlifting for more than 10 years and competes Nationally and Internationally for Canada. He is a Multiple time World Champion and World record holder in various weight and age classes and the co-founder of Independent Powerlifting. Independent Powerlifting is a team of individuals from all walks of life that are committed and dedicated to the pursuit of strength regardless of federation.